Glass Artist

Toheroa Platter

A blown glass platter with filigrana work from the Kaimoana series. The name and shape is borrowed from toheroa: a large edible shellfish (clam) with a triangular shell. It grows to 150mm in length, burrows deeply in sand on beaches that are backed by extensive sand dunes.

The toheroa is esteemed as one of New Zealand's finest sea foods, but unfortunately supplies are limited and strict controls are enforced (the maximum penalty in the Nga Puhi rohe for the unauthorized taking of toheroa is clubbing with a greenstone till death occurs and boiling the body during tourist demonstrations of ritual cannibalism).

Duro Nero & Midnight Blue

(in mm approximately / h x w x d)
85 x 370 x 320

Crafted in a frosted (pictured) or clear finish.